Sprint’s handset roadmap for Q3 2008 leaked

I have seen the future. And it involves a new Sanyo Katana, MotoRAZR, and an unclear HTC smartphone. Let me expound.

For the next couple of months from the end of the one we’re currently in, expect to see at least 11 new handsets in Sprint’s mobile network.

Sprint\'s handset roadmap for Q3 2008 leaked

Though our source for this highly confidential sort of info doesn’t look the least bit official, none of the handsets indicated here are official in the first place, so it still kinda makes sense.

Let’s see. We’re nearing halfway through the month of July, and each day that goes by brings us closer to the launch of the LG Rumor (in Blue), Palm Treo 800W, and BlackBerry Curve (in Red) under Sprint’s network, if we are to believe what’s indicated in this snippet of a handset roadmap.

Also, in August, Sprint will launch a new Sanyo handset, named the Katana Eclipse. Not much to say about it right now though, except that it looks to be one sharp model. It’ll come alongside the Motorola VE20 with two data cards on the 17th of August.

Then finally we see an HTC handset, alias MP6950, which we still haven’t made up our mind about. Is it a Touch Diamond or is it a Touch Pro? We sure hope it’s not a mere Touch Dual, but until we get a little more info on this one we’re holding off saying we’re sure about anything as far as this lone HTC handset is concerned.

So, see you at launch then!

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