First BlackBerry Thunder live pics surface

Though it’s still not clear whether the BlackBerry Thunder will be going into production in the not so distant future, here we have its very first set of live photos where it shows off its own touchscreen QWERTY keyboard.

In landscape mode, the QWERTY keyboard of the BlackBerry Thunder looks just like any other QWERTY touchscreen keyboard we’ve seen of late. There are a few differences in the amount of extra buttons aside from the letter keys, though, but we can’t say for sure if that’s a good thing or bad.

BlackBerry Thunder live pics

If you look at the QWERTY keyboard in landscape mode, you’ll see that the shortcut key for the numbers and symbols, as well as the shift key and a key designated with “sym” is repeated on both the left and right sides. That seems kind of redundant, and ultimately wastes space where more useful buttons would have been welcome (like the “.com” button on the iPhone).

In portrait mode, the keyboard turns into a two-character per button SureType keyboard, which as you can see is weird as heck. I don’t remember seeing any BlackBerry phones that have this type of keyboard layout in the past, so how well this arrangement will be received is still uncertain.

As for other specs, the BlackBerry Thunder is said to have a full glass screen that supports multi-touch, tactile feedback and OS 4.7. Wi-Fi and other nifty connectivity features are expected to be a given, but even so, only time will tell how successful the BlackBerry Thunder will be. And we’ll see for sure in the next couple of months.

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