Yellowish iPhone 3G screen can be cured by iTunes update

Some iPhone 3G owners have expressed anger at seeing a bit more yellow in the screens of their devices, as compared to the old, first-generation iPhone. This was first thought to be a minor glitch in production, but turned out to be something Apple purposely did.

According to a comment from one of Apple’s PR guys, the color on the iPhone 3G’s screen was altered, and the white point was moved “in order to make [the display feel] more natural.”

iPhone screens compared

Borchers said, suggesting that consumers are more likely to appreciate warmer images, especially when viewing photos.

Better or not, if you’re not feeling the new iPhone 3G screen color mix, you can do a quick fix that’ll take about 30 minutes.

Apparently, the iPhone 3G units that Apple and AT&T are selling right now all ship with firmware 2.0 version 5A345. Version 5A347 is said to hold the fix.

So if you want to “restore” the vivid, familiar color on your iPhone 3G screen, all you have to do is go to iTunes while your phone is attached to your computer and click the “Restore” button (make sure to back-up your data first!).

The change in color is confirmed by Ars Technica when they tried it out for themselves. Hopefully, that’s the last of the little software nicks in the iPhone 3G.

Via Ars Technica

Author: David Gonzales

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