Apple calls copy/paste function low priority feature for iPhone 3G

We all know how mad you are at the iPhone’s lack of the very basic copy/paste feature that’s been available in computers since 1995, but what does Apple think about it?

They think it’s low priority, according to statements made by Apple product head Greg Joswiak. It was omitted simply because other features were deemed more important for the launch of the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 2.0 software update.

iPhone copy paste defense

Also denying comments on David Pogue from the New York Times that the iPhone’s GPS antenna was a tad too small for it to be an effective navigation device, Joswiak says there are “complicated issues” that have yet to be overcome.

Joswiak also hints that developers may be able to further help navigation on the iPhone in the future, saying, “It will evolve. I think our developers will amaze us.”

Through these comments, Apple indirectly says that all the public’s requested features are certainly headed our way. At the moment, though, we have to take the iPhone for what it is, and judge for ourself whether it’s worth getting now or still deserving for us to wait.

Via MacNN

Author: David Gonzales

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