Apple offers “commonsense pointers” for extending iPhone 3G battery life

Sure, you’re getting a built-in GPS, extra accelerometer, and 3G network support on the newly released iPhone 3G, but ultimately all those will take a toll on the device’s battery life.

So what are you going to do, aside from the obvious (turn the brightness down, lower the volume, turn off applications when not in use)? Apple offers up a quick list of pointers to remember to extend your iPhone’s battery life.

Apple offers \"commonsense pointers\" for extending iPhone 3G battery life

In the iPhone 3G, there’s an option to turn off access to 3G networks. You can also control when new e-mails get “pushed” to your device, among other settings.

Apple is reminding users to turn off certain features whenever possible, but most of their advice are really obvious stuff, which most people will probably take as Apple’s compromise for not being able to include a powerful battery in the iPhone 3G.

Apple Via Information Week

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