Free SMS for everyone via AIM for iPhone

AIM on the iPhone and iPod Touch has a feature that could make the SMS app on the iPhone obsolete. Or not. But it’s still a pretty neat little tweak, nonetheless.

By downloading the free AIM client from the iPhone App Store, you’ll be able to send free SMS messages to your “buddies” any time, anywhere you are.

Free SMS for everyone via AIM for iPhone

To send free SMS on the iPhone or iPod Touch, you have to add the mobile number of the person you want to text as a new contact. The exact form is a plus sign followed by the mobile number (i.e. “+212231998”).

All SMS sent from the AIM client will be free on your end, but if the party you texted replies to you they will get charged. It’s not perfect, but it definitely looks like a great perk .


Author: David Gonzales

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