Nokia E71 gets golden with Goldstriker for $1,100

Ah, luxury. The most prominent symbol of which these days appears to be, if not diamonds, 24 k’s of gold. And how are mere mortals to resist when that golden mixture gets poured on to one of the latest and greatest (albeit petite) QWERTY smartphones to come out of Nokia’s labs? Surely no one…

That’s why Goldstriker is now offering the Nokia E71 in its 24ct Gold Edition for only $1,100. I’m sure someone out there will find this “worth it.”

Nokia E71 gets golden with Goldstriker for $1,100

Or is it? The Nokia E71 is wrapped in a fine metallic casing by default, which does a great job at reflecting the light, making it look expensive, and yet avoid any scratches.

But for those who want to experience (or at least show people that they do) the “finer things” in life, the Nokia E71 24ct Gold Edition just might be the one for you.

Via Goldstriker Via Intomobile

Author: David Gonzales

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