Blackberry Bold to Sell on Rogers for $299?

We just heard a tip from BlackberryCool that one source confirmed the price of the Bold, expected to launch July 25, will be sold initially for $299, the same price as a 16 GB iPhone 3G.

It is quite possible, however, that prices could drop by Christmas down to a low $199. That kind of price for the caliber of phone being released is very reasonable.

It was also discovered that RIM sent Rogers a final cut of OS 4.6 last week, which gives one less hurdle for Rogers to jump over in anticipation of the big release.

Bold RIM

We are still holding our breath in anticipation of a July 25 release. Rumors abounded earlier today that Blackberry was delaying the Bold until September for most carriers; just as any rumor, though, everything mentioned in this post will either be confirmed or rejected soon. We’ll keep you up to date on the news.

via Blackberry Cool

Author: Brad Molen

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