Nokia Map Loader 2.0 is out of beta

If you’re a user of Nokia’s GPS navigation application Nokia Maps and you don’t have an unlimited mobile internet plan, you most certainly know what it means to download maps to your mobile device. In terms of costs, I mean. This is where Nokia Map Loader comes in.

The PC application allows you to download the maps on your computer and then transfer them to your mobile device, saving you a lot of money. The second version of Nokia Map Loader has been available as a beta version since June, and now it has graduated, meaning it is stable and perfectly usable.

According to Stefan Gimeson from the Nokia Maps team, the new version brings a few major fixes. The new version includes Series 40 support, as well as PC Suite drivers that make the application independent.

Gimeson has also said that the future will bring, among other things, a Mac version of the Map Loader, a nicer look, as well as a history function that will allow management of the maps on the device.

via: Nokia Beta Labs blog

Author: bogdan

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  • Diabo

    Mac users, Linux users, and anyone who can’t install Nokia Map Loader and .net framework (work, school, hotel, internet cafe etc.) can download maps for Nokia Maps straight from Nokia’s own server through without installing anything. Works with any browser on any operating system.