Nokia Pilots to launch in September, let civilians test Nokia’s warez

Feeling a little helpful? Curious? Both? Nokia’s going to come around and ask for a little bit of your help come September, so you better be ready with your inspecting glasses and rubber gloves.

Nokia’s going to roll out what they call “Nokia Pilots” and with it they intend to let ordinary people test their upcoming devices and services for their unbiased feedback. There’s no money involved in the Nokia Pilots schindig, just good old, clean, real-life user-generated feedback fun.

nokia pilots

According to Nokia:

Nokia Pilots is an umbrella program that helps get Nokia users involved in our creative development process. The program acts as a channel for users to share their ideas and suggest improvements that we can put into action as we try to create the best products and services possible.

We run Nokia Pilot projects involving Pilots from a variety of countries and with diverse motivations and interests. This variety helps us get a broad range of the most relevant feedback, and helps us develop the best possible solutions for users of Nokia products and services.

There’s still no assurance as to whether Nokia Pilots will launch in your country or not, and Nokia advises that we wait for their official announcement regarding the matter by September. By then you’ll be able to see a Registration button on the Nokia Pilots web site so you can sign up and wait for your turn to test Nokia’s products.

And speaking of the web site, you’ll find plenty more information about Nokia Pilots there. It’s in the link below, now hop to it.

Nokia Pilots Via Symbian World

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    legal warez!! waaaaa?!? 😀 freakin awesome – now i ont feel so bad


    hmm interesting, I still havent heard about this one yet. ANd september is almost over. Wonder if they just scrapped the project?

  • gucci2sale

    Was für ein Link? Das Projekt hat noch nicht begonnen, der Start variiert je nach Land, aber es wird auf der jeweiligen Homepage von Nokia bescheid gegeben wenn es soweit ist.