Qik launched in public beta with new features and support for new phones

Offering what is arguably the most “live” video streaming service on the Internet right now, Qik has just been launched into public beta, making its features accessible to the masses and not just A-list video bloggers.

Qik now offers free access to anyone who wants to sign up, even if they don’t have video streaming phones or ongoing cellular data plans. The public can now sign up for Qik and comment on videos at the expense of nothing but a phone number on their part.

Qik launches in public beta with new features and support for new phones

Several improvements are included in Qik’s public beta launch, including support for new phones such as the Motorola Q and Nokia N78, as well as the ability to work under Verizon and Sprint’s networks (not just AT&T or T-Mobile).

There are also a few new features for the Qik web site, namely, videos can now be assigned to their respective groups, pages can be created for specific events, and different areas can be marked as public, private or restricted.

Currently, Qik only works with phones that have either Symbian or Windows Mobile as their operating systems, but Qik co-founder Bhaskar Roy assures us that they have their eyes on other platforms, most notably Google’s Android and the Apple iPhone.

For now, the service is still free for all, however there will be a premium commercial version for businesses in the future.

Qik Via Venture Beat

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