First screenshots of Nokia’s upcoming S60 Touch UI leaked ui

Care to see how the VGA screens of future touch-based Nokia devices would look like. Here are a few screenshots.

While the screenshots don’t really provide more details about the S60 Touch UI, one thing that’s certain is that there will only be minor changes to the existing one. The options look very familiar and exactly like what you would expect to see from any Nokia device. In fact most people would probably take this as a custom theme for current S60 devices, or something.

s60 touch ui screenshot

In this screenshot of the settings menu in portrait mode, we see three prominent buttons that link to widely used commands on current S60 devices. The first one is a button for the menu, the second one for the home screen, and the third looks like it’s designated for the keypad.

s60 touch screenshot

In this screenshot of the home screen, meanwhile, a fourth hotkey is added, and it looks like a button for manual UI rotation. This could mean that the first touchscreen Nokia (Nokia 5800 Tube) could come without an accelerometer, but then again we aren’t exactly sure.

It’s hard to say when the first touchscreen Nokia is going to come out, anyway, so I guess we’ll all still just have to wait.

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