Samsung donates 1,000 G618 Olympic handsets to Chinese Olympic team

Feeling generous today? Samsung is. That’s why they donated a total of 1,000 handsets to 600 athletes and 400 coaches and staff for the Chinese Olympic team.

This sponsorship is recorded as Samsung’s largest ever marketing donation to a particular nation’s Olympic team, and was celebrated last Friday during a donation ceremony in Beijing, China.

Samsung donates 1,000 handsets to Chinese Olympic team

The handset itself isn’t just your ordinary giveaway phone. Samsung specifically gave out the G618 “Olympic phone” with Olympic-releted ringtones and photos preloaded on the internal memory.

In exchange for scoring the China Olympic team’s official mobile phone, Samsung will get to use athlete photos for their future ads, as well as preferred contractor programs. Don’t be surprised if you see an Olympian in one of Samsung’s commercials soon, then.

Author: David Gonzales

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