Samsung F480 review

Samsung F480 “Tocco”,  Player Style, TouchWiz or whatever it’s called in your country, is yet another cardphone from Samsung with a big touchscreen, done in the typical candybar form factor. It supports 3G and HDSPA and is capable of making video calls.

Samsung F480 comes with a leather battery lid that also covers the front of the phone in order to protect its display; alternatively, you can use a simple metallic battery cover. The back of the phone has a textured metal finish; the lens of the built-in 5 megapixel camera is located at the top left side.

The metallic battery lid can be replaced with a leather cover that also protects the display from scratches:



The front panel is taken up almost entirely by the big display (which is prone to finger smudges like any other touchscreen). Samsung F480 has a memory card slot (hot swap enabled) on the left side, and the data/headphone ports on the opposite one. The hold button for blocking touchscreen input is located at the top edge, and the Accept/Deny as well as one additional button for launching the menu are just below the display.

SGH F480 has a big, 2.8″ touchscreen display:


The memory card slot is conveniently located on the side, enabling you to replace memory cards on the fly:


The phone is surprisingly thin for a candybar and fits in your hand nicely. It is also easy and comfortable to use, as we’ve learned in our testing. The vibration force feedback of the touchscreen helps a lot in this area.

Samsung F480 would probably be nothing more than yet another touchscreen phone from Samsung, if it weren’t for the highly customizable desktop. A number of widgets (profiles, player, time, carrier logo, time, events, radio, applications, gallery, and games) can be accessed from the sidebar on the left and moved to any location of the desktop using drag-and-drop. Naturally, the player can be controlled straight from the desktop; profiles can be changed on the fly, and so on. This way the user can customize the desktop however he wants – by putting all the needed functions there, or even emptying it entirely. While this is really great, there are only a limited number of widgets (the ones listed before) and you cannot add new ones.

From left to right: desktop with drag-and-drop widgets; using Hold key to lock the touchscreen; main menu (white background is also available):


Another good news is that F480 is apparently the first touchscreen phone from Samsung which is capable of running Java applications. These can also run in background (that is to say, they can be minimized) and you can launch multiple apps at once – multitasking works perfectly. You can control the applications by means of virtual keyboard that appears at the bottom of the screen.

The additional button that we mentioned earlier brings the ‘fast launch’ menu to the screen which lists shortcuts to the music player, messages, call function, internet and the main menu. It can be called from any screen or application, which is a great feature. Same can be said for the keyboard blocking button which again can be used no matter what screen or menu you are in.

From left to right: music player; fast launch menu; camera interface:


The main menu is a standard-looking 4×3 grid, which lets you access functions like call list, phone book, music player (which is rather convenient, by the way, and supports Album Arts too), browser (great and easy to use), camera, bluetooth, applications (both standard ones like FM radio, World clock or Music recognition and Java applications installed by user), alarms and settings.

The Bluetooth menu deservers a separate note – all the devices the phone was connected to are displayed in a nice graphical visualization that both looks cool and is very fun and easy to use.

The 5 Mpx camera has both autofocus and face recognition features, and can be controlled comfortably with touch. The quality of the photos isn’t bad either.

Samsung SGH-F480 turned out to be a fashionable, interesting and attractive multimedia phone. It will undoubtedly be sought after thanks to its great features and positive user experience.

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  • me

    how to use the front camera??

  • Angie xie

    does it have USB cable?

  • Amy

    The front VGA camera is merely for video calling. You cannot select to use it for taking normal photos.. that's what the excellent 5MP camera is for!

  • luisa

    what happen to my celfone? the pics i've taken is blurred. what will i do?

  • arothor2

    why i our opinion did they not make a built in keyboard 4 sms and email??

  • kw

    mine doesnt have the black menu! my friends does, mine doesnt have te option to change it,, why???

  • kw

    mine doesnt have the black menu! my friends does, mine doesnt have te option to change it,, why???