Sanyo Katana Eclipse slices way through FCC

Sharp could’ve made this phone, but no, this one’s from Sanyo. Soon to be one of Sprint’s mobile phone offerings, the Sanyo Katana Eclipse is a new music-centric clamshell phone that’s just been blessed by the FCC.

It looks like its sharpness only extends to its name, though, because a look at its specs won’t leave too many people impressed.

Sanyo Katana Eclipse slices way through FCC

As a music phone, the Sanyo Katana Eclipse will come with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, as well as dedicated music keys on its external flap.

It supports Sprint’s high-speed EV-DO network, as well as Sprint Navigation with GPS and Sprint TV to keep you company.

It’s a phone that shouldn’t let down on multimedia, so expandable storage and a 2 megapixel aren’t that much of a surprise. Perhaps, when we hear that someone’s been able to slice even breakfast at their table, we’ll believe.

FCC Via Mobile Burn

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