Android and Symbian will join forces soon, says analyst firm

Somebody just had to say it. Google has been blowing mighty horns about how its open-source Android smartphone OS will blow all its competitors out of the water. Nokia, meanwhile, with Symbian and access to the largest smartphone market share, is surely to make a difference when the first traces of its open-source efforts finally appear.

But since they are both vying for the same goal, why don’t the two companies just merge their efforts? That’s a thought.

According to an analyst firm this just might be the case, and if ever it will begin to come through within three to six months.

nokia and google

Together, Nokia and Google will form the largest open-source smartphone OS outfit in the world, and you can almost be certain that they will do many great things.

For one, the combination of Nokia and Google would easily expand the number of upcoming open-source applications for smartphones, as well as cut the costs in overall R&D because they will then have to work in all departments as one.

But you also have to consider the saying, “Too many cooks spoil the broth.” With so many parties working together on one huge project, it isn’t impossible for mayhem to ensue. If they succeed, it would be great, and almost everyone wins. But if they fail, they will fail miserably. We wouldn’t want to start hearing anything to the tune of “Too many companies spoil the open-source mobile platform” now, would we?

Via Information Week

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