Christian Dior’s Dior Mini walks the FCC runway

If you think you could use a lesson in spending your money wisely, have a look at the recently FCC-approved Dior Mini clamshell phone from Christian Dior. It has all the inner workings of a mid-to-low-end cellphone, doesn’t have an elegant-enough design, and yet the manufacturer looks ready to charge at least a couple thousand dollars for it.

To retail for $5,000, you’d think they’d go through the trouble of making this cellphone water-proof, shock-proof, or ridicule-proof, at least. But no, adding even more insult to any potential buyer’s injury, the Dior Mini doesn’t look like the special handset it’s marketed to be.

Dior Mini

And as everyone is complaining about how the iPhone is ridiculously high-priced at $500, I think it’s safe to say that no one has heard of this phone yet.

In any case, this handset will soon be on its way to willing victims, but if I want any phone to be on the “Will It Blend?” show more than anything, it would definitely be this. Agree?

Via Intomobile

Author: David Gonzales

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