Tag Heuer Meridiist earns FCC seal of approval

Tag Heuer is looking to apply its signature luxurious design in a new mobile phone that’s just been recently approved by the FCC. It’s going to be called the Tag Heuer Meridiist, and if you’re an avid follower of luxury handsets, I’m sure you have already heard of it.

The materials used to build the Tag Heuer Meridiist varies between metal, leather and sapphire crystal. Specifically, the display is made of scratch-proof sapphire crystal, which would eliminate the need for third-party screen protectors.

Tag heuer meridiist

The said sapphire crystal display only measures 1.9-inches and has QVGA resolution, but that should be enough for casual cellphone users. A secondary OLED screen is also present up top to show various status indicators of the phone.

It doesn’t offer much of a fight when it comes to multimedia, but at least its 2 megapixel camera has a sliding lens cover. That would again prevent the phone from acquiring so much as a tiny scratch, but then again if you’re going to pay over a thousand dollars for a phone, you’d expect nothing less.

Expect official release date, market availability, and pricing announcement to be made soon.

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