Garmin Nuvifone not Coming ’til Early 2009

That’s right, everyone. The Nuvifone keeps getting pushed back as the company realizes the massive challenge they have undertaken.

We reported a while back that Garmin was planning on releasing the Nuvifone sometime in the second half of this year; however, Garmin announced today that the product will be delayed until the first half of next year.

Reason? It looks as though “meeting some of the carrier specific requirements will take longer than anticipated,” which to me sounds like AT&T is making some rather challenging demands that weren’t necessarily expected at the beginning. I could be wrong; it could be a non-US carrier that isn’t rumored to be getting it at all.

How will this affect Garmin’s first entry into the cell phone world? Hard to say, but delaying it further will just give its competition more time to come out with some nice alternatives.

GPS tracklog speculates we won’t see it until at least March, as Garmin wasn’t confident enough to specify a first quarter release.

via GPStracklog via Gizmodo

Author: Brad Molen

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