DataCase for iPhone now in public beta

Ever heard of SSH? It’s a way for you to access your iPhone’s files via Wi-Fi. But for some it might prove too much work to do, which is why Veiosoft is developing an easier alternative called DataCase.

DataCase is an application currently being developed for the iPhone and is now in public beta. It should be able to turn your iPhone into a wireless storage device easy, letting you have access to your iPhone’s innards and things like stored documents, photos, and songs.

DataCase for iPhone now in public beta

The guys from over at Veiosoft say they “expect the beta period to be very short, and sincerely hope you’ll understand our desire to release quality software over pushing out something that does not meet your expectations.”

If and when it comes out in the App store, it’ll be worth only $7. A worthwhile investment, if you ask me.

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