Nokia cuts phone prices to liven up competition

Some Nokia phone models are the cheapest you’ll be able to find anywhere. Yet, there’s still always room for a price reduction.

According to a report from Reuters, market data and industry sources point out that Nokia made recent price cuts for various phone models in its portfolio, to put “pressure on its rivals’ already thin profits.”

Nokia cuts phone prices to liven up competition

Market data from Nokia’s home land, Finland, showed that the XpressMusic models 5310 and 5610, as well as the Nokia N81 8GB, were among the phones that received the steepest price cuts.

Nokia’s closest competitors seem to be helping them in this situation as well, since neither Sony Ericsson nor Motorola have anything to brag about when it comes to the latest quarterly sales.

If anything, this would again give the consumer more incentive to go for a Nokia phone than otherwise. And besides, new models like the Nokia N96 are going to go on sale soon, meaning there just might be more price cuts just around the corner.

Via Reuters

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