Blackberry Curve Sunset Comes to T-Mobile

The rumors have come true — as reported, exactly on August 4 the Blackberry 8320 begot a brand new color for the T-Mobile lineup called the “Sunset”.

Instead of blurry photos that we found last week, we now have official pics. This will be a wonderful addition for T-Mobile fans that have been waiting for this kind of color to become available.

Sadly, there’s nothing different about this particular newbie, aside from the new color. Don’t be expecting any nicer features or extra bells and whistles compared to the current Curves that are already out there. The specs are all the same as any other T-Mobile Curve, complete with Wi-Fi and Hotspot calling.

You can grab the Sunset for $149.99 with two-year agreement at any T-Mobile outlet.

Author: Brad Molen

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