Pricing Set for Files on Ovi

Exactly a month after it made Files on Ovi available in beta, Nokia has released pricing for its new remote-access service.

Files on Ovi is a wonderful new Nokia service that lets you access important files from your PC while using your mobile phone. This makes it much easier when you leave on a trip and realize you left an essential document at home.

The app and service are free as long as you keep the computer on at home the whole time with an active internet connection. If it’s not on, you can opt for a special premium service called “Anytime Files”.

Going for the premium service certainly comes at a premium cost, however. We’re talking $80/year for 10 GB of storage and $150/year for 30 GB storage. Nokia’s servers are always on, they just charge quite a bit for you to access them.

So the question then becomes — is it easier and more efficient to use Files on Ovi, or just carry around a flash drive or MicroSDHC card that costs less?

We want to hear from anyone who has had the opportunity to use this service. Please let us know what you think!

via MobileCrunch

Author: Brad Molen

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  • ATI Radeon

    Nice, I goona try it

  • ATI Radeon

    Nice, I goona try it