BlackBerry Bold now available from Movistar Chile

Movistar Chile has revealed that it can now put the BlackBerry Bold into the hands of very eager customers, for a price that will almost surely send chills down your business-oriented spine.

In the BlackBerry Bold’s page from Movistar Chile’s web site, the shiny new BlackBerry is seen with a red banner drawn across its handsome face, and on it is written “FIRST ONES IN THE WORLD.” Proud and true.

blackberry bold

But now your excitement will wane and turn into puzzlement as the local list price is 299,990 Chilean Pesos, which translates to about $588 USD. Well, to own this business phone, at least you don’t have to sell the business itself. And that’s a good thing.

Movistar Via Engadget Mobile

Author: David Gonzales

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