Trio of New Motorola ROKRs Emerge

Motorola’s trying real hard to get the ball rolling, as today it added three brand new phones to its MOTOROKR series. Each phone represents a different style in order to appeal to every group of multimedia-savvy consumers.

EM30 Candybar

Features a FM radio along with media player, 2 MP camera, 3.5 mm jack, text-to-speech recognition, microSD external storage, and CrystalTalk for clearer call quality. The EM30 is quad-band GPRS/EDGE. A unique feature is the morphing keypad which changes depending on what the phone is currently being used for.

EM28 Clamshell

A triband GSM phone with touch-sensitive keys and 3D surround sound, the EM28 offers up dedicated music controls, 3.5 mm headphone jack and a 1.3 MP camera.

EM25 Slider

This new music slider has stereo bluetooth support, microSD, and a 3.5 mm jack. It will be the smallest and likely the cheapest of the three, with dual-band GSM and 1.3 MP camera (in two variants, depending on the market).

All of the new ROKRs have an expected launch later this quarter, with the EM30 being available in Taiwan at first.

via Motorola

Author: Brad Molen

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