HTC Touch Pro on Vodafone UK in August

Vodafone is expecting a grand slam this month as they announce the release of the HTC Touch Pro, aka Raphael. This particular PDA is a close sibling to the Touch Diamond, with a QWERTY keyboard as the major cosmetic difference.

This will give customers a couple brand new options to choose from: either the Touch Diamond without keyboard (also expected to release soon), or the Touch Pro with keyboard.

The Touch Pro will feature some nice specs, such as 528 MHz CPU, Quad-band GPRS/EDGE, Dual-band 3G (900/2100), 2.8 inch VGA touchscreen, MicroSD, WInMo 6.1 professional AND TV-out capability. It weighs 165 g. Also included is GPS and WiFi.

Not shabby for a brand new HTC phone! Looks like a pretty smooth device to be toting around with you. Who’s getting one?

via CoolSmartPhone

Author: Brad Molen

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