Motorola Alexander spy photo leaked

Motorola’s last stand, its saving grace, the newest phone, turns out to be just another QWERTY keyboard WinMo phone. Yup, the Motorola Alexander we’ve all (but not as much as Motorola) been desperately dreaming about has been revealed to be a QWERTY-sliding Windows Mobile phone that should be seeing the light of day by Q4 2008.

The keyboard, as far as I know, seems one of a kind, plus it’s got those rounded keys that look like they’re straight out of a bubble wrap. Anyway, the display looks wide enough, although it doesn’t seem to be wielding a touchscreen in there.

Other details include a 5-8 megapixel snapper, aGPS on board, and an NVIDIA chip for 3D graphics. But since it’s running Windows Mobile, what’s the point of a chip for heavy graphics crunching? Motorola can’t possibly be aiming to use that for spreadsheets or your Powerpoint presentation. That would just be crazy. Then again, if it’s crazy enough, it might just work and save Motorola from certain death. The plot thickens!


Author: David Gonzales

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