New Countries Confirm August iPhone Launch

Just 16 days before the planned launch date, we are now hearing confirmation of 5 of the 20 countries that are reportedly ready to begin selling the iPhone 3G on August 22.

We have received official confirmation from five countries (India, Czech Republic, Estonia, Philippines, and Romania) that they will launch that specific day, and one that is rumored to launch before the end of the month.

Those who have confirmed August 22 as the big day are Telefonica in the Czech Republic, EMT in Estonia, Bharti Airtel in India, Orange in Romania and Globe in the Philippines. Singtel in Singapore is rumored to be planning a end-of-August launch, but no official confirmation has yet been given.

While India does not yet utilize a 3G network, Bharti Airtel will still use a 3G iPhone with speeds restricted to its EDGE network. India will be offering a 3G auction in the coming months, however, so we hope the iPhone can be used to its full potential there soon.

Do you live in any of these countries? If so, are you planning on getting an iPhone 3G when it launches?

UPDATE: 15 of the 20 countries have now been confirmed. In addition to the 5 mentioned above, it also includes Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Peru, Uruguay, Poland and Hungary. Singapore is still one of the 5 that are not official yet.

via Mobile Burn and AppleInsider

Update via MacWorld

Author: Brad Molen

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