Vodafone Music 24/7 service Launched

Vodafone has launched its 24/7 Vodafone Music service enabling customers to discover and play their favorite music at anytime or anyplace just by making few clicks on their Vodafone Mobile through an Vodafone Music Player Application.

Vodafone Music Player is the first PC-Mobile music application that lets you download MP3 songs and listen to them both on your mobile and, PC and record them on CDs. The application can be downloaded for free from the Vodafone live! website, gives users full access to tracks previously purchased on their Vodafone live! account.

It is fully integrated with the Vodafone live! Music shop, powered By Real Networks.

Vodafone Music application is currently pre-installed on following Vodafone handsets : SE W910, SE W890, SE W880, SE W850, SE V640, SE V630, SE K850, SE K800, SE K770, SE K660 and Nokia : N 73

Vodafone music station

    Features :

  • Customers can listen songs free up to 30 seconds before deciding whether to purchase it or not.
  • Downloads music tracks direct to customers multimedia mobile,
  • Smart search function to let users get rid of inputting full track, artist or album name.
  • Tracks previously purchased on other handsets can be transferred to a new one.

    Cost :

  • Individual tracks - £0.99
  • Albums - £7.99
  • 1MP3 a day – €6 a month


    This means Vodafone now has two separate mobile applications for music. Previously Vodafone served with Omnifone’s MusicStation service on its handsets since November, giving consumers unlimited tracks for £1.99 a week. Now today it launched Vodafone Music with more ease of access.

    For further information please visit Vodafone Music


Author: Stasys Bielinis

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