BlackBerry Kickstart’s official name actually BlackBerry Pearl 8220?

While RIM quietly carries on the testing phase of its very first clamshell-type BlackBerry, which we have known for all this time as the BlackBerry Kickstart, several photos of papers from inside Rogers have been leaked onto the Internet, and one holds a small surprise.

The photo attached below sort of confirms that the first BlackBerry clamshell phone will be hitting Rogers stores some time very soon, but it also tells us something else. It tells us that the official name of the BlackBerry Kickstart will actually be the BlackBerry Pearl 8220.

BlackBerry Kickstart\'s official name actually BlackBerry Pearl 8220?

So from here on out, let’s refer to it as the BlackBerry Pearl 8220, and not the Kickstart, eventhough non-BlackBerry users will be able to say that it has absolutely nothing in common with a BlackBerry Pearl, design-wise.

However, this little snapping mobile features a SureType keyboard, since it’s too small for the QWERTY variety. If you’re looking, well, that’s one thing it’s got in common with a Pearl.

Not sure how much the name change will affect your purchasing decision, but it could prove a deal-breaker to some people. Either way, whether it lives up to the hype of being the “hippest” BlackBerry remains to be seen. If anything else happens, we’ll keep you posted.

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