HTC Touch Pro for AT&T in the wild

Care to see another 3G phone that won’t let you do 3G video calls? Well, feast your eyes on this-the HTC Touch Pro for AT&T’s network.

The HTC Touch Pro pictured here is said to have been acquired by a forum poster at XDA-Developers for the amazingly low, low price of only $900 USD. Guess the iPhone’s not the only one that can sell early for a premium. It’s features include 3G network 850 band support.

HTC Touch Pro for AT&T in the wild

Proof that this HTC Touch Pro will be headed to AT&T can be found in the TouchFlo 3D user interface itself. There’s some AT&T branding lost within HTC’s touchy-flowy goodies.

AT&T has not yet confirmed that they will even carry this phone in the first place, but if they do this might prove to be another handset worth looking out for.

Via WMPowerUser

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