Instructions via SMS Saves Plane Crash

In a dramatic incident at the Cork Airport a twin-engined Piper plane between Kerry to Jersey lost all the onboard electrical power, weather and communications radar as soon as it took off from the Kerry airport.

After the blackout the pilot used his mobile to first contact Kerry airport and then the air traffic control department of Cork Airport. The pilot did succeed to get in touch with controller at Cork airport but soon after the connection he lost audio telephone contact too (seems like nature had full preparation for a crash)!

Wisely enough the air traffic controller at Cork airport switched to text messaging to help the plane land successfully. The plane had a 39-year old pilot and four passengers and due to the quick thinking of air traffic controller a serious incident didn’t happen.

Looks like it is time to re-evaluate the debate of banning cell phone usage while inside the plane!

[from Irish Times via Slashdot]

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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