Nokia introduces the Nokia 3610 Fold

Today, Nokia announced the birth of a new handset, the Nokia 3610 Fold. It won’t take your breath away in terms of interesting features, but it does possess the kind of charm that warrants a second look.

As its name clearly suggests, the Nokia 3610 Fold comes in a foldable, clamshell phone form factor, where emphasis is placed in ergonomics and what Nokia calls “understated elegance.” It’s basically a phone user’s phone, with all of the basics and a relatively small amount of fluff.

Nokia 3610 Fold

Nokia 3610 Fold

On its outer flap you’ll find a 1.3 megapixel camera with 6x digital zoom, as well as an external display that shows small tidbits like the time and other relevant information about what’s happening with it.

On the inside it has a 2-inch, 262K color screen, a nicely made keypad and typical Nokia phone softkeys. It is also said to support up to 4GB microSD cards.

If the Nokia 3610 Fold piqued your interest, wait for its official release on the third quarter of this year at a price of 125 Euros (taxes and subsidies not included).

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