Sprint Reveals ’08-’09 Roadmap

We at UV have to admit that Boy Genius is a great source for rumors and upcoming phones. Today they got ahold of Sprint’s current roadmap for ’08-’09. Both Sprint and Nextel have some good offerings in store for the future. Let’s check some of them out.

Blackberry 8350i

This is essentially the Curve for Nextel. The new offering from RIM will bring WiFi, GPS, and a 2 MP camera. Oh, and it will have OS 4.6 on it from the very beginning. It still has the Direct Connect, and we are assuming the thicker size is due to lack of external antenna.

Boy Genius is predicting a Q4 release this year.

Motorola V950 “Renegade”

Rugged handset that is Military Spec for dust, shock, vibration and blowing rain. It also packs Direct Connect, GPS, 2 MP camera, and Sprint Music and TV, among other things.

Motorola “Monolith”

BGR reports that this is “some sort of entry-level SureType-type device”. Not much else is known about it at this point.


Also available will be the Motorola i576, another mili-spec to replace the i570.
What else is shown on the roadmap that we can expect in the distant future? In Jan or Feb, we have a Motorola V8-ish phone (is this the VE20?), and a Sanyo iDEN/GSM hybrid. In Q2 of 2009, it looks like a Motorola “Immersion” phone (military-spec), the Sanyo Pro410, and a Samsung slider are on their way.

So which phones appeal to you, Sprint-Nextel fans?

via BGR

Author: Brad Molen

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