iPhone 3G to receive firmware fix on September

While Apple stays mum about the issue of iPhone 3G reception problems, it is reported that two unnamed sources have confirmed an upcoming software fix that should, well, fix the issue.

It’s still not certain whether Apple, AT&T, or chip maker Infineon is to blame for these widespread 3G access problems, but the two sources say the new firmware update will finally put things in their right place.

iPhone 3G

iPhone 3G

Infineon is the supplier of several chips inside the iPhone 3G, including its GPS chip and a power management chip. An anomaly in one of its other chips’ code might have something to do with the problem, and this is what the upcoming software update aims to correct.

For sure there will be a lot of people waiting for this update. However, this does not do anything about AT&T’s poor network coverage in some areas in the US, nor does it fix anything related to the device’s hardware configuration, if in case the problems lie therein. Either way, the upcoming fix will be better than nothing, so wait for its official announcement from Apple some time next month.

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