Lenovo’s P960 features Fingerprint Biometrics Security, weirdness

The folks over at Lenovo sure know how to be eccentric. Just check out the form factor-or more specifically, the keypad-on a new smartphone they’ve made. Enhanced by a made-for-mobile fingerprint solution from Altrua Technologies, the Lenovo P960 is a tool that will keep all your data safe-supposedly.

Other than its built-in Fingerprint Biometrics Security tech and so-called “VIP recording” (which records calls from pre-assigned phone numbers), the Lenovo P960 features just about the same features as most premium smartphones nowadays.

Lenovo P960

Lenovo P960

As is the trend lately, the Lenovo P960 is equipped with a 2.8-inch touchscreen display, 1.3 megapixel camera and microSD card slot. It’s screen supports stylus-based input, while below it you’ll find the non-traditional numerical keypad as well as a few soft keys and a four-way D-pad.

Too bad the it doesn’t run 3G speeds and can only work on GSM dual-band networks, though, but if you can’t settle for anything less in mobile data security, this model offers a lot to help you out.

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