Radically designed Palm Treo Pro leaked early on Palm’s web site

Palm may have released a new model called the Palm Treo 800w for CDMA carriers recently, but it wouldn’t hurt if they follow that one up with a GSM version for other carriers, right?

This might be Palm’s motivation in creating such a device, which may or may not be called officially as the Palm Treo 850. But how will the new device look like? If a recent “malfunction” on Palm’s web site offers any clues, the new Palm smartphone could have a design that’s similar to this.

Palm Treo Pro

Palm Treo Pro

Leaked briefly on Palm’s official web site are images of this new Palm smartphone, and it is through a flash video demo that we learn it will be called the Palm Treo Pro.

The Palm Treo Pro bears a resemblance to old Palm devices, however it looks quite sexier, if it isn’t the sexiest Palm device ever made at all.

Unfortunately, even the flash demo of the Palm Treo Pro couldn’t reveal much else other than its refreshingly cool design, but we expect to learn more about this handset in the following weeks. So watch this space!

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