Rogers to sell BlackBerry Bold for $399 with 3-year contract

If you’ve been waiting for official word on Rogers’ new BlackBerry Bold pricing plans, prepare to get screwed. Don’t ask me why, just look at that sweet, sweet photo below.

I can’t even dream of photoshopping this. Rogers sure is bold (pun intended) for pricing the BlackBerry Bold $399.99 and requiring a 3-year contract with it once it finally releases the thing in Canada. Why, I can just imagine all those Bold hopefuls casting a teary-eyed look at that new iPhone 3G and its $199 US price tag…

Back to the issue at hand, it seems that Rogers will never run out of ways to annoy its already existing and possible new subscribers. The BlackBerry Bold will be $399.99 with a 3-year contract if you want one from Rogers, whether you like it or not. Is it worth it? You decide.

Via CrackBerry

Author: David Gonzales

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