Android 0.9 SDK beta released

As we’re nearing the rumored release of the very first handset running Android, a new beta SDK gets announced and released. The new Android 0.9 SDK beta is now available for download at the Android Developers’ Site. Here’s the skinny.

If you recall, Android already had the “early look” from what we’ve been able to make of it in the past, but according to the recent announcement there have been several changes on the platform that make it go closer toward becoming Android 1.0.

Apparently, Android software development isn’t as bad as we’ve all been told, and that everyone in the Open Handset Alliance has been working closely at incorporating feedback for the first Android devices.

Dan Morrill from the Android Developers Blog sums it up in the following two paragraphs.

Back in November, we made some SDK builds available that we referred to as “early look” SDKs. The goal was to give developers insight into the platform as early on as possible, and to get some initial feedback. Since then, we’ve been working with our Open Handset Alliance partners to incorporate much of that feedback, and finish the first devices. Since those devices are shipping in the fourth quarter, the platform is now converging on a final “Android 1.0” version.

The beta SDK that we’re releasing today is the first big step on the SDK’s road to compatibility with 1.0. Since this is a beta release, applications developed with it may not quite be compatible with devices running the final Android 1.0. However, the APIs are now pretty stable and we don’t expect any major changes. If you’re one of the many developers who were waiting for something a bit more mature, this might be a good time to take another look.

Among other changes on the new 0.9 beta SDK are the inclusion of a new Home screen and several new UI changes, as well as new applications including Calculator, Camera, Music player, and Messaging (which supports MMS!).

Of course there’s more changes than what’s actually been announced, so it’s probably best if you just head on over to the download page and browse over the release notes yourself.

Via Android Developers Blog

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