Apple releases software to fix Connection Problems but furnishes no details

Apple has been quick to provide a solution for the connection problems that were recently reported for various iPhone 3G users around the planet.

T-Mobile, which has the iPhone rights for many European countries, has confirmed the release but expressed doubts about the patch being the sure shot solution for the iPhone 3G problems. It should take a couple more days to confirm if the software update has accomplished the job for which it has been released.

The only U.S. iPhone provider AT&T has also confirmed that software update is ready for download for users to their iPhones. In a nutshell, everyone is talking about the latest software update by Apple which might reduce the 3G signal reception problems except Apple itself. There are no statements about the details of the release from Apple.

People around the globe have been facing the connection problem where their iPhone would switch to slower Edge technology even in areas where the faster 3G was available and the software update will aim to overcome the connection problem if it is software related and not a hardware issue.

[via Yahoo!]

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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