iPhone Nike+ UI in the wild

Seeing as how successful the collaboration between Apple and Nike has been with their Nike+ gimmick program, it’s only a matter of time before we see a variant for the newest king of ‘pods, the iPhone.

Well, so far both Apple and Nike have been mum on the issue, but just now we have been able to unearth the first screenshots of Nike+ on the iPhone, and they’re OK. Apparently, Nike+ on the iPhone will include Google Maps support and performance graph integration, which has never been done on an iPod before.

Aside from what’s mentioned above and the screenshots that have been leaked onto the Internets, the details of the Nike+ map support are quite limited. In any case, map integration will be a great new feature to have and could eventually sway more people into trying out Nike+.

Via Gizmodo

Author: David Gonzales

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