Nokia Series 40 calculator enhanced and ported to Series 60

Not only is the native calculator app on all Series 60 Nokia phones very boring, it also lacks a lot of features that even mid-end Series 40 devices offer right out of the box.

This seems to be the reason why Jarmo Lahtinen decided to take the source code of the Nokia Series 40 java calculator application, work it up a little bit, and throw it out in Beta Labs for Nokia Series 60 devices.

The new and enhanced Series 60 calculator features three different calculating modes: standard, scientific, and loan. All three have much more functionality than the native S60 calculator app, and in standard mode there is even the bonus of being able to use the D-pad as shortcut keys for operations.

If you’re going to need a bit more out of your phone’s calculator than being able to put two and two together, this enhanced S60 calculator should prove to be quite useful.

Nokia Beta Labs Via All About Symbian

Author: David Gonzales

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