Palm Treo Pro shows its bulky self on video, more live pics

Over the course of the next few minutes we are going to establish how the recently leaked Palm Treo Pro is truly Palm’s sexiest looking smartphone ever, as well as their biggest and bulkiest model with Windows Mobile. Not that that’s a bad thing, because this particular Palm looks like it’s going to bring a few new useful things to the table.

Judging from the design, the Palm Treo Pro seems to take some cues from the Centro, while incorporating a touchscreen version of Windows Mobile into the mix. At the moment, Palm has not yet made the Palm Treo Pro official, but if anything’s certain, it’s that this smartphone is huge. They had to make room for all those nifty onboard features, I guess.

Palm Treo Pro Official Photo

Palm Treo Pro Official Photo

And speaking of features, here’s what we’ve managed to make out of the various Palm Treo Pro leaks so far:

-It will feature a large, touchscreen, 320×320 pixel display
-Typical QWERTY thumbpad is used for input and navigational soft keys as other Palm Treo devices are present
-There’s a one-touch Wi-Fi button built-in, as well as GPS, microUSB port and a 3.5mm headphone jack
-The processor is rumored to be 400MHz and ROM is 256MB while RAM is 128MB
-It will run on Windows Mobile 6.1

We’d like to let you know more about the Palm Treo Pro, such as what battery it will ship with and how long it will really last with “regular use” among other things, but unfortunately Palm hasn’t yet provided us with the details. We’ll all just have to wait for the official announcement then, or at least, until someone else finds another leak about the Treo Pro again. See it for yourself on video below.

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