Nokia N85 gets official in private online meeting, no mention of the N79 or Tube

Earlier this week, we reported about a private online meeting that Nokia is going to use as a venue to announce two devices they will officially launch next week. Well, the event is finally over, and what exactly was announced? The Nokia N85 and the 8800 Carbon Arte.

OK, so we didn’t quite get what we all expected (or wished for), since there was no mention of the highly-rumored Nokia Tube touchscreen phone as well as the recently faked Nokia N79, but the Nokia N85 proves to be a promising phone in itself.

The Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte was announced just yesterday, actually, so that leaves us with only the Nokia N85’s official announcement. From the scheme of handset groupings pictured above, we see that the Nokia N85 is put right next to the Nokia N96 at the bottom, captioned with the title “Connected Fusions.”

Apparently, Nokia likes to put their dual-sliding handsets together, as the Nokia N85 is such, also featuring a 5 megapixel camera, built-in GPS, as well as HSDPA network support.

We can’t know for sure yet what exactly the Nokia N85 will bring to the table, features-wise, but we expect it to be announced some time early next week.

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