Verizon and Google about to close mobile search deal

Reuters is reporting that the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Verizon and Google are practically at the brink of making an agreement. Apparently, Verizon is aiming to make Google the default search engine on its custom-carrier phones, as well as have a slice of Google’s mobile search ad revenue.

The said Verizon-Google deal is supposedly wide-ranging, so there could be more in store than just making Google the default Verizon device search provider. Perhaps Verizon will license Google’s open-source Android smartphone OS on several devices in the future? We can’t say for sure for now.

However, it is reported that the deal between the two isn’t final just yet. They’re still discussing a few issues such as Google’s wish to store information from user cellphone searches. Of course Google will do this to further help users in their searches, but then again there’s the question of privacy. We’ll get back to you with details once this deal gets finalized for real.

Via Reuters

Author: David Gonzales

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