New Gears Geolocation API makes any online web app location-enabled

GPS what? Google’s newly launched Gears Geolocation API for mobile and desktop browsers give any online web app the power to be location-enabled, anytime, anywhere. And it’s all for free.

At the same time, a couple of third-party developers have announced the first location-enabled web apps with this API on Windows Mobile. For now only these two, but it’s hard not to see this new technology being adopted in the mainstream.

The first of the two third-party devs who have launched their location-enabled web apps with the help of the new Gears Geolocation API is It’s one of the most popular travel sites in Europe and now their mobile restaurant finder brings an even better experience to its users.

The application of the new Gears Geolocation API seems simple enough. With, for example, a new link appears near the top of the page in’s fonefood section, and it says “Find your location.” After you click on it, your location will automagically be determined using methods crafted by the ancient wizard Merlin himself. And a little bit of help from cell towers.

This nifty new feature also works with And other than Windows Mobile’s IE, you can also try it out on the desktop with good old-fashioned Internet Explorer, as well as Mozilla Firefox. GPS can also be used to find your location.

Note, however, that this currently only works in the UK, and on several supported Windows Mobile devices. And Gears must be installed on the device itself.

Via Google Mobile

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