Palm Treo Pro to be built by HTC

If you’ve seen the awesomely sexy new Palm Treo Pro which was officially announced recently, then you’ve probably already wondered, “How the hey was Palm ever able to build a device like that?” The answer: they didn’t.

Turns out, HTC is the company behind the production of the Palm Treo Pro, in a deal similar to its agreement with Sony Ericsson to manufacture the still-upcoming WinMo-powered Xperia X1. At least that’s what several unnamed sources are saying.

HTC’s experience manufacturing Windows Mobile-based smartphones is the main reason Palm selected the company to manufacture the smartphone for it, even thought they are competitors in the market. The smartphone is expected to launched in September this year.

Neither HTC nor Palm has confirmed this bit of intriguing news, but if anything, it answers a few questions. Palm probably admitted to itself in-house that they needed help in designing their next kick-ass device, and ended up striking a deal with fellow smartphone-making competitor High Tech Computer, or HTC.

That doesn’t mean we’ll stop seeing any more Touch Diamond descendants from HTC from now on, because the company says its own-brand devices will still be the main focus. Well, at least the manufacturers are getting along quite nicely. And that’s a good thing.

Via DigiTimes

Author: David Gonzales

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