Ply concept phone inspired from the design of multilayered plywood

Who will take inspiration from the plywood used to manufacture home furniture so as to come up with a unique mobile phone design idea? Someone in Japan did and as a result Hideo Kanbara is all set to rock the KDDI Designing Studio with their Ply concept phone.

Each layer of this phone will be responsible for various needs of yours like: mini digital projector, game controller, photo printer, and of course a widescreen cell phone. In a nutshell, this phone will bring you office in your pocket.

It is a daring attempt to think of a concept phone like above but one should not get excited about the phone showing up sooner or later on the FCC site. They will first need to invent the technology which will be required to manufacture such phones as including all features in one device will require techniques which we still don’t posses.

Price of this phone isn’t known yet considering that it is just a concept.

Author: Stasys Bielinis

While I like to play with the latest gadgets, I am even more interested in broad technology trends. With mobile now taking over the world - following the latest technology news, looking for insights, sharing and discussing them with passionate audience - it's hard to imagine a better place for me to be. You can find me on Twitter as @UVStaska'

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