Sprint’s HTC Touch Diamond confirmed for release on August 28th

Remember how we first told you that there might be a red HTC Touch Diamond headed for Sprint some time in the future? Well, it looks like this time could be sooner than we think. Turns out, the HTC Touch Diamond will indeed be coming to Sprint in a red shade no later than Thursday, August 28th.

Sprint will make the Touch Diamond available with a 2-year contract as well as a standalone handset. With a contract, it’ll set prospective buyers back $299 US, while $549 is its full-on selling price. Quite a little pricey, if you ask us, considering that there are many recent smartphones selling for under $200.

Also worthy of note is the inclusion of a larger capacity 1,350mAh battery, which of course boosts the battery life ever so slightly, and is a good thing. Not sure if the built-in 4GB of memory and WinMo will be enough to tide users over, though.

In any case, curious buyers have at least two days to decide, after which it’s time to either break the bank, or look elsewhere.

Via Phone Arena

Author: David Gonzales

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  • Unjustified

    WRONG !!! It is DELAYED !! i have several emails from Srints marketing director about this. I was suosed to receive this phone 2 weeks ago to learn and still havent gotten it. I work for a corporate store and see all the phones before they come out. Best i know itsa delayed till OCTOBER ! Hell i got the Instinct the end of may so i know for a fact this aint coming out in 2 days !

  • Waiting

    I just got off the phone with the Sprint Telesales group and they said the launch date in their system shows Sept. 2nd. So Sprint either is releasing the phone then or they haven't notified their (outsourced Im sure) telesales team of the delay.

    Can we can someone certified to confirm?

  • doooo

    the launch is pushed back not coming out on 2nd of Sept

  • doooo

    the launch is pushed back not coming out on 2nd of Sept

  • shakti

    we want to know?
    The amount of HTC Touch Diamond (CDMA) IN indian price.