Tris for the iPhone is going down and out

One of the few great games available for download on the iPhone is the ever-popular Tetris knock-off called Tris. Well, the makers of the original were apparently too busy to pay attention to the iPhone, so a small, unknown developer decided to port the game with the available SDK himself.

However, the maker of Tris, which turns out to be just a college student who was not in any way prepared for legal disputes, has been asked by Apple to take the thing down in view of The Tetris Company’s interest. A lot of people have already downloaded the said app, but from now on it will be taken out of the App store and out of view of new customers who would’ve no doubt enjoyed it.

The good news is that the dev responsible for Tris only considers this issue temporary, and will be looking for ways to bring Tris out for public consumption once again. But it will certaily be taken down soon so go and download it now while you can.

Via Two Finger Play

Author: David Gonzales

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